1. Limited Seats. First Paid will be First Served.
  2. Registration alone is not a confirmation of acceptance. You will receive a confirmation email after your application is accepted.
  3. It’s a Co-Ed event. Girls and Boys will be playing shoulder to shoulder.
  4. Pay Pal is the preferred option as manual check process may create confusions on who paid first due to limited nature of seats.
  5. No Refunds, after your child is accepted to the program. Your signup is considered your approval. if you have not used the training, you are eligible for a tax deduction statement as Bay Malayali is a 501(c)3 charity.

 As part of Bay Malayali Mission, volunteers spend their time this summer to motivate and train children in soccer. 

Email to and request to include you in the Pre Subscription Program.

Bay Malayali selected 32 children for a 10 week Soccer Camp this year.

As a healthy and fun alternative to watching TV and video games, we introduced this program to channel the energy of little ones in a positive way.

With the help of charitable donors, we are providing a $30 valued Bay Malayali Jersey, customized with their Name and Number, FREE of cost to the little ones to motivate them further.

This was not a benefit originally included in the training package. Thank you, community, for acknowledging our Good Work and supporting us whole heartedly. Thank you Donors!